Junior starting tennis?

The first place to start is our play and stay guide, see below. What the heck is Play and stay? Watch the video to your right. Play and stay or mini tennis is massive across the USA and EU.
Tip: If you coach is NOT using Play & Stay/ mini tennis balls then try find one that is. If the coach is using the correct balls, and training techniques then your child will progress very quickly. Most importantly though they will get the foundation that they need in terms of tactics. These get taught in the forms of games from as young as six and upwards

In terms of equipment, you need to know what size racket and what colour ball they should be playing with. If your child is just starting out, these are the essentials that you want to consider (besides the obvious – hats and suncream) :

– Junior racket

– Play and stay balls

– Backpack (ideal as it can be used for other activities as well)

– Junior shoes, socks

Play and stay guide