From a nine year old girl using her dad’s Tennis racket, to a forty five year old male using a racket best suited for a 12 year old junior. I’ve come to see this scenario a lot in the five years of assisting people with Tennis equipment. Even at provincial level you would think that players have easy access to the correct information and advice but this is not true. My estimate is that over 50% of Tennis players in South Africa, both seniors and juniors, are playing with the incorrect racket and strings or even both. Tennis is undeniably one of the greatest sports there is on this planet challenging both extreme mental and fitness levels. Talent is set aside by sheer determination to climb the Everest mountain of success. The way I see it is there are certain critical factors or items that a Tennis player needs in their armoury: Determination, technique, fitness and…

The factor that most people are getting wrong in SA:

Rackets and strings. Many battle is won with the correct weapon. Don’t pitch up to a gunfight with a pocket knife. The correct tools make for light work. OK, you get the idea, but it’s sad to say that in our country there are not many people that offer the equipment that can tell you what you need and back it up by facts.

Tennis is a hundred times more technical, in terms of equipment, than most other sports. Take rugby, soccer or even hockey the variables for equipment are far less complicated. In tennis you need to have a good understanding of the equipment to make the correct decision when buying a racket and strings in particular.

I set out to bridge this gap in South Africa. The most effective way to do this was using a platform that could reach anybody and everybody. A physical retail store would be so limiting to the rest of the tennis community. The solution was and is to create an online platform, community and store.

One size does not fit all. Before Tennis24seven started in 2011, options were either, a very limited amount of brands, very few models of these brands and a sales person that is still working out which is the front of the store or the back, never mind what a Tennis racket is. Alternatively you have the option to deal with somebody who is brand specific and offers the equipment as a side offering to their business. In this case you’re stuck to one brand and more so you limited to what this person has played with or seen from that brand.

My philosophy is variety is essential to meet the requirements of various players. 
The frame that suits me, most likely won’t suit you.

Then we still need to factor in the grip size and most importantly the strings. Take a look at our video explaining the importance of variety, especially in tennis rackets…

In some cases where players come for a fitting session, I can guarantee a 30% improvement in their game through our assistance, as the racket and strings setup that they have is so far off the mark. In my case, before I began researching for this business, I was way under weight using a 275 gram racket and this is most often the case, especially with adult men in South Africa. Not playing with the correct weight will affect your swing, confidence and can be the difference between winning or losing. As an energetic six year old learning to play tennis, this was the case for me besides the grumpy old Tennis coach that was yelling at me all the time and put me off Tennis until after school. Our vision of providing information and guidance to improve the life quality of people by enhancing performance and pleasure in sport comes to the fore in all that we do. By providing the correct equipment we will see better, more confident Tennis players in our country which in time, hopefully, raise the standard of Tennis to another level in South Africa.

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Article written by

Craig Sander