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Baseliner rackets

Baseliners or Counterpunchers

Beware of the deadly counter defense of these players. Preferring to allow the ball to rise, these players hang deep in the court and pack a heavy shot.

Pro player for style:

Rafael Nadal | Andy Murray

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All Courter Rackets

The all rounder

Generally plays singles and doubles. A well rounded game allows shots from all court positions. Federer in his younger years was described as an all courter but has since become more attacking with his approach style. Many club/ social players will fall into this category.

Pro player for style:

Feliciano Lopez

Attacker rackets

AKA Approachers or Serve and volleyer

These players are taking the ball early on the rise. Their game is about taking time away from their opponent and coming up on every opportunity.

Pro player for style:

Roger Federer | Mischa Zverev

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Mischa Zverev