The stringing of rackets is a science of it’s own.

The stringing of rackets is a science of it’s own. We have found very few racket restringing services in South Africa that meet a professional standard, have the correct tools and have the knowledge of the game and product that is required. Tennis24seven has invested in all these areas to ensure a high quality racket restringing service to match our tennis equipment offering.


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We advise the importance of having the correct tools for the job which is why we have invested in a Tecnifibre electronic machine.

To match this we continually research stringing techniques and how the various strings should be strung along with what the various racket manufacturers stringing specifications are.

Stringing specifications? Yes, I was just as surprised when I first heard this. Each brand specifies the way the racket must be strung. If this is not met the racket will not hold it’s warranty. I have seen a case of this where a coach with years of stringing experience used a one piece string, instead of two piece, and cracked the frame which was unused – it still had plastic over the handle. Small details like this become a major factor.

The stringing technique and process that we adopt aims to achieve a very accurate tension.

Customers that have been getting poor results for yeas are often surprised 

when they request 55 LBS and call back to say that the racket feels like 65 LBS. This is because the overall tension, string bed tension (SBS) is much lower due to a manual stringing machine and or poor techniques. SBS is your end result and should be closely monitored by both the stringer and player (customer) for two reasons:

  1. To monitor the end result straight off the stringing machine.
  2. To gauge tension loss as you play.

Please see the information below regarding the essentials that you need to know about tennis strings. If you’re not sure, then please get in touch with us.