Babolat 2016 Pure Aero VS



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Babolat Pure Aero VS

An update for the Pure Aero range, this racket is designed with a thinner beam, to create more control on every shot. With all the technology of the original Pure Aero, including the Cortex System and GT frame.

A ligher weight than the Pure Aero VS Tour, the VS racket is designed for big hitters and competitive players.


FSI Spin
A more open string plate and new elongated eyelets at 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock in order to free up the movement of the ropes and create an optimum effect. FSI: Frame String Interaction
WOOFER technology is the exclusive patent of Babolat. It is the first technology that makes interactive chassis and strings to the impact of the ball. The contact time between ball and string increases by 25%. This ensures greater control and ensures a high level of comfort
Aeromodular 2
New chassis section and integrated woofer technology inside the chassis for an even more aerodynamic racket. + 11% aerodynamics and more ball speeds.
GT Technology
This technology is based on a new material made up of graphite fibers woven with tungsten filaments .
Tungsten, in fact, distributed at the strategic points of the chassis, guarantees double rigidity with respect to standard carbon and provides greater power with a return of energy greater than 10%.
The concentration of tungsten fibers is different for each racket.
Unstrung Weight


Balance (mm)


Head Size (sq. in)


String Pattern

16 x 20



Beam Width (mm)

23 / 26 / 24