Dunlop Srixon Revo CX2.0 Tour (18×20)




Endorsed on tour by Kevin Anderson. Dunlop introduces a limited-edition tour model racket with a 95 sq. inch face, ideal for not only the advanced level player but intermediates looking for a nice combination of precision and feel.

Dunlop’s Srixon Revo CX 2.0 Tour racket features Sonic Core technology which maximises energy transfer while dampening vibration — giving players the ideal balance of comfort and playability. Dunlop’s implemented their Synchro Charge System within the frame which is an elastic graphite that improves the overall response of the racket upon impact. The CX 2.0 Tour is designed with peak shifter technology a frame that features varying shapes in different areas of the frame. In some places, the CX 2.0 is more aerodynamic, and in others, it’s more rectangular. The overall effect of Peak Shifter Technology is to give the player the ability to hit deeper shots with more margin over the net.

With a 95 sq. inch head size, a dense 18×20 string pattern with a solid 11.7 ounce strung weight, Dunlop’s CX 2.0 Tour is a solid, stable, modern frame that offers excellent precision with a very comfortable feel for hard-hitters.
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Pros Endorsing/Using This Racket

Kevin Anderson

Unstrung Weight


Head Size (sq. in)


String Pattern

18 x 20



Beam Width (mm)

20 / 20 / 19