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Introducing Head’s MXG 3, a comfortably crisp racket that combines easy targeting with impressive levels of power and spin. In addition to being perfectly weighted for intermediates, this stick should work well for the more experienced club player who needs a light and speedy option. Head builds this stick with MXG Technology, which combines the power and dampening of Graphene Touch with a 100% Magnesium throat bridge. By keeping the upper hoop more stable at impact, this unique throat bridge creates a more predictable launch angle off the stringbed (think control). It also accommodates longer, free moving main strings (think power and comfort). From the baseline the MXG 3 not only feels comfortably firm and accurate, but it offers near effortless access to pace. The combination of maneuverability and power will enable you to switch quickly from defence to offence, and the grippy 16×18 string pattern provides enough spin potential to hit balls that drop hard and jump off the court. At net this racket moves fast, making it great on reaction volleys. There’s also enough pop to finish points decisively.

Head Size

100 sq. in. / 645.16 sq. cm

Strung Weight

11.1oz / 314.68g


13.18in / 33.48cm / 3 pts HL

Swing Weight




Beam Width

24mm / 26mm / 22mm /


Graphite/Graphene Touch

Power Level


Stroke Style


Swing Speed


Racquet Colours


Grip Type

Head Ultimate

String Pattern

16 Mains / 18 Crosses Mains skip: 7T, 9T, 7H, 9H Two Pieces No Shared Holes

String Tension

48-57 pounds

Racquet prestung or unstrung


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