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A new installation into Head Tennis’ racket series—a racket emphasising the ultimate blend of both power and control, it’s the new 2017 Head MXG 5. The MXG is constructed like no other racket on the market today, thanks to an innovative technology known as MXG; Head has married two materials, Graphene & Magnesium, creating the ultimate balance of power and control.

By adopting a new engineering method that is universally used in the automotive industry, Head has injected a moulded magnesium bridge to the throat area of the racket—providing the ultimate stability and stiffness without adding weight. This magnesium bridge is the key secret to the power and control capabilities, intended for longer free moving main strings. At the same time, this solid magnesium bridge keeps the hoops from deforming, therefore, allowing total control on every shot. The MXG 5 awards a much larger sweet spot with even more power.

Head designed the MXG5 for players looking to elevate their game with the next generation of technology. The MXG 5 comes in weighing around 20 grams less than the MXG 3 at 295 grams unstrung. With a lightweight feel and a larger head size at 105 square inches combining with a 16×18 string pattern, the MXG 5 creates the ideal specifications for a first-class power and control racket.





13.6in / 34.54cm / 0 pts EB

Head Size

105 sq. in. / 677.42 sq. cm

String Pattern

16 Mains / 18 Crosses Mains skip: 7T, 9T, 7H, 9H Two Pieces No Shared Holes

Beam Width

24mm / 26mm / 22mm



Swing Weight


Swing Speed


String Tension

48-57 pounds

Strung Weight

10.3oz / 292g

Grip Type

Head Ultimate


Graphite/Graphene Touch

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