Weiss Cannon Turbo Twist 17 1.24mm 200M Reel


The Turbotwist is poised take the reigns as the “most versatile poly-based string currently in production!” This string takes poly-based strings to dizzying new heights in regard to overall performance. No other string can match it in terms of ability to combine the desirable elements of poly-based strings with the comfort and power of plush synthetics. It is a unique hitting experience. So unique, in fact, the process used to create it is patented. No other string in the world plays like it, and the patent assures the playing characteristics will remain unique to WeissCANNON.

Construction: Monofilament poly-based. WeissCANNON uses chemicals unique to them in the production of highly elastic co-polymer fibers which are twisted approximately 200 times around a longitudinal axis. Separate independent work processes including extrusion, stretching, heating, drilling and cooling contribute to the complicated manufacturing of this string. This string in manufactured to ISO 9001standards and is certified as such to assure ultimate consistency and reliability.

Advantage: Once again, WeissCANNON is leading the way in the development and evolution of poly-based strings. This advanced product delivers outstanding spin along with pinpoint control, power on demand and a level of comfort not found in other poly-based strings. It delivers a very lively, comfortable and controllable performance. Well suited for all levels of players, but discriminating advanced level players who are able to distinguish performance characteristics will probably be the group most likely to appreciate the versatility and inherent genius of the string.

Gauges: 17 (1.24mm)

Color: Pearlized white

Weight 0.0 kg