WeissCANNON Explosiv 16 (1.30) String


A top rated non-poly for 2017 at Stringforum.net, WeissCannon Explosiv delivers exceptional feel and power. According to Weiss Cannon, the string is coated in a special resin for a unique feel and easier stringing. As far as a multifilament goes, this is a must try.

Note: Manufacturer recommends stringing Explosiv with 10% more tension than usual due to the high elasticity of the string. As this is quite open to interpretation, you may like to speak to one of our string experts.

  • Gauge: 16 / 1.30mm
  • Length: 40 feet / 12m
  • Construction: Multi-wrap core made of ultra-thin twisted fibers with a special resin coating
  • Color: Natural
  • Packaging: Cut set
Weight 0.0 kg