Wilson Blade 98 18×20 Countervail

R3,199.00 R2,719.15


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Designed for the modern big hitting, aggressive game. The Wilson Blade 98 2015 delivers control for the attacking player to enhance every element of a fast paced game. Upgraded with parallel drilling for a larger sweet spot and braided graphite and basalt for enhanced feel and control in every shot.

A 21mm flat beam and 98 square inch headsize supplies a solid feel and control for intermediate to advanced players with a faster swing. This racquet continues to provide excellent frame feedback offered by basalt fiber (BLX) technology. The improved feel thanks to Amplifeel handle technology is a pleasant addition. Parallel Drilled grommets result in a more consistent response from the stringbed, as well as Braided Graphite + Basalt frame construction.
This racket provides excellent control for the next generation of hard hitting players.

Unstrung Weight


Balance (mm)


Head Size (sq. in)


String Pattern

18 x 20



Beam Width (mm)

21 / 21 / 21