Wilson Burn 100 Team

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Wilson updates the Burn 100 with some extra speed and comfort. It’s called the Burn 100 Team and it gives intermediate and advanced players an impressive combination of power, spin and precision. Boasting a more head light balance and lower swingweight, this stick swings decidedly faster than the prior generation. The upshot is a more user friendly racket, one that will enable intermediate and advanced players to attack the ball. Although these updates provide a welcomed boost in comfort, this racket’s firm Carbon Fiber layup keeps it wonderfully crisp and lively. From the baseline the Burn 100 Team  feels fast, spin friendly and remarkably precise. Compared to the previous version, it is ideal for flicking the ball when outstretched or cranking winners from a dead sprint. The quick handling is also a huge asset on service returns where the Burn 100 comes around with mindless ease to deliver impressive accuracy on full cuts. Finally, the speed at which this stick whips through contact on serve should allow a wide range of players to work the entire box with pace and spin. Wilson has succeeded in creating a quicker, more comfortable Burn 100 Team. This is a must hit for hard charging intermediates or advanced players who want a light and user-friendly performance racket that offers easy targeting on big swings.


Unstrung Weight


Balance (mm)


Head Size (sq. in)


String Pattern

16 x 19



Beam Width (mm)

23.5 / 25 / 23.5


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