A tennis ball machine is a fantastic way to improve your tennis game. Use the ball machine in various drills to improve your footwork, technique and fitness. Whilst a ball machine, at this stage, cannot replace the experience of playing against an opponent it’s a proven tool to benefit from beginners to ATP and WTA players.

If you’re considering a portable tennis ball machine, then you’re in the right place. We’ve put together some guidelines to help you make an informed decision. Feel free to contact us should you require further details.

Tennis ball machine guide

11-remoteWithout a remote control or somebody to man the machine for you, this will be a tough to manage. Imagine you set up the machine, push play and run to the other side before it starts firing. Bam. The first ball flies past. Shucks, the speed is too fast. Bam, another ball goes. Definitely too fast. You decide to run back and change the speed to slower. Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam. By the time you get back to the machine you’re already 15 balls down and you’re yet to actually hit one ball. Without a remote, you’ll get more exercise running to and fro setting the machine than actually hitting balls. Yes, a remote control, even if it’s basic, is a huge benefit. The more functions that you have at your fingertips the better your experience and practice will be.

The modern game is all about spin. Tennis ball machines that offer top and backspin are of great benefit as this is what you’ll be receiving in match play.

Elite-2-oscillationOscillation refers to the machine moving so that it can shoot the balls in different directions. You can set some machines to hit to forehand and backhand with varying depths to give you a great workout and practice. Two types of oscillation can be found: internal or external. An internal oscillation means that there is a swivel plate inside the machine. It’s very difficult to see which way the machine is going to shoot with an internal oscillation function.

spinfire-external-battery-pack-closed-2-1000This is a key feature. If the battery is included in the machine then the machine will have a few extra kilograms of total weight that you will need to dead lift. Tennis24seven encourages external battery packs as this makes the machines lighter and easier to manage. The battery alone can weigh as much as seven kilograms. Another benefit of the external pack is that you can replace the battery by yourself if and when the battery dies in a couple years, depending on usage.

spinfire-pro-2-fThe more the merrier! The better the machines capacity to hold balls the more balls you can hit. This will give you a better hitting session. Capacity can be overcome if you have somebody to feed additional balls in the hopper to keep you hitting on the other side of the court. The more balls you have the better, no doubt.

Ball speed needs to be adjusted to suit the individual’s level. If you’re an advanced player you’re going to get bored with the balls coming at 70 km/h. All ball machines that we offer have variable speed functions. What you need to investigate is what is the maximum speed you require. Speeds of up to 120 km/h would be adequate for intermediate to advanced players.

A one year versus a two year warranty is something to consider. Although a warranty period is stipulated, the ball machines can be very low maintenance machines. If the machine is kept clean, dust free and out of moisture the machine should give you many years with no hassles. With minimal consumables, the tennis ball machine is a good investment.

Like buying a car, buyers should always factor in after sales service. Speak to one of our ball machine experts to find out more about the after sales service of the various brands. Since entering the market in 2012, Spinfire has provided the best backup service in Southern Africa.

Accessories to consider

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