Grip Selector Tool

A rough and ready way of telling which grip size you should go for is to hold a racket in your normal forehand grip – you should be able to squeeze a finger in which touches both the end of your fingers and your palm.

how to select grip size

We recommend selecting one grip size smaller than your actual size so that you can use an overgrip which has many advantages namely cost, easy to replace and variety. 
GRIP 1 is 4 1/8 inches
GRIP 2 is 4 1/4 inches
GRIP 3 is 4 3/8 inches
GRIP 4 is 4 1/2 inches
GRIP 5 is 4 5/8 inches

For most juniors – go for grip 1 or 2
For most women – go for grip 1 – 3
For most men – go for grip 2 – 4

Alternatively, click on the image and print the pdf file on an A4 page for a more accurate measurement.